join us -尊龙凯时最新

join us and your bright future starts here!

with a good natural environment and harmonious atmosphere, hiwafer offers an optimal working and learning environment to every employee. every newcomer can find an ideal position here and make an effort to improve himself/herself and realize his/her goal. all hiwafer staff has such a good quality.

hiwafer advocates thanksgiving, loyalty, solidarity, belief, openness, effective communication, vigor, vigorousness, passion, enthusiasm, concentration, meeting challenges, combining inside with outside, self-improvement, improving others, keeping quiet, taking on a new look, making a correction after being aware of mistakes, having the courage to bear responsibilities, being aware of the connotation and extension of duties, fulfilling more duties based on the duties fulfilled, taking the initiative to bear responsibilities, and being ready to help others. all employees are required to have a good quality and achieve more.

human resource is hiwafer’s most important resource

both senior managers, senior researchers & developers, senior technicians, post-doctors, doctors, graduates and common works, managerial staff, salesmen who work hard at the frontline of production, sale, r&d, and service and make a contribution to hiwafer are considered as talents necessary for hiwafer’s development.

we admire and value such talents. we treat personnel training as important as our development. we welcome you to join us and we expect more people’s attention!


1) remuneration: salary, allowance, holiday bonus, year-end bonus, etc.
2) operating bonus: performance bonus is available, subject to the realization of the company’s business target, so that workmates share the fruit of joint efforts.
3) insurance: in addition to statutory social insurances (housing provident fund), commercial accident/medical insurance plan is available.
4) free duty meal: free duty meals of various flavors are available.
5) convenient traffic: several shuttle buses (to and from downtown) are available for staff free of charge.