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basic information relating environmental protection

hiwafer runs in a way through which it contributes positively to the environment and society and devotes itself to the production of new-type semiconductors.

we always comply with applicable laws & regulations and clients’ requirements. we bear the social responsibility for cleaner production and zero accident. hiwafer has advanced facilities & equipment and a good management team for pollution prevention & control, energy conservation & emission reduction, and disaster prevention. it expects to arouse staff’s environment, safety and health consciousness, strengthen its operating risk management, and guarantee its sustainable development through continuous improvement activities. it is making every effort to become a first-class enterprise which co-exists friendly with the environment.

wastewater and waste gas emission

wastewater: wastewater is treated by the wastewater treatment equipment in the company. after it is up to national discharge standards, it is discharged to huayang no. 2 sewage treatment plant for treatment along the municipal sewage pipeline.

waste gas: waste gas is treated by the waste gas treatment equipment in the company. after it is up to national discharge standards, it is discharged into air.

environmental protection concepts

the company will carry out its environmental protection guidelines and policies, abide by national environmental protection laws and regulations, and support environmental protection departments’ environmental protection measures all the time. in the process

environmental protection actions

the company works out waste & emission reduction plans every year to reduce wastes and pollutants practically. meanwhile, it implements energy saving projects to reduce energy consumption. 

environmental protection guidelines & policies

1.improve pollution control designs and make them comply with national laws and international conventions

2.implement an environmental management system to maintain continuous improvement of environmental performance

3.strengthen waste reduction and pollution prevention and make full use of recycled resources to realize green design and production

4.expand environmental education, improve environmental protection concepts, and ensure that personnel of all levels fulfill their responsibilities for environmental protection