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support clients with chip products

we offer clients the best products by relying on our stable processing capacity and rapid delivery ability.

located in tianfu new area, chengdu hiwafer semiconductor co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “hiwafer”) is china’s first pure-wafer foundry service provider, which provides 6-inch gaas mmic.

hiwafer owns a well-established technical team as well as advanced gaas integrated circuit manufacturing technology and equipment. its “6-inch gaas ic foundry production line” is a key industrialization project supported by the state, with an important strategic significance of breaking international monopoly and filling in the blank in china.

specialized technologies

quality guarantee


reliable processes

in terms of processing technology development, we strive to offer clients full foundry services on the principle of diversification and keeping ahead. hiwafer focuses its attention on providing gaas phemt integrated circuit processing technology.

hiwafer takes on the responsibility of maintaining client’s interests and specializes in wafer foundry business. its development will lead upstream and downstream design, application and encapsulation companies to shape up a compound semiconductor industry cluster and promote local economic development.